Tricks for Handling those Halloween Treats

October 19, 2012
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Halloween is a fun time for the kids – they get to dress up, put on spooky make up, celebrate at parties, and walk in parades.  But a favorite Halloween tradition is also trick or treating, so that means a bucket of candy coming home.  Loading up on candy and sweets can lead to cavities, weight gain, moodiness and even reduced immunity.

The thing about sugar, is it causes your blood sugar to spike. And what goes up, must come crashing down – so when that happens, kids often will reach for more sugar to boost their energy back up. I call it that the “sugar roller coaster.”  Once you get on the sugar roller coaster, it is hard to get off!!

Tricks for those Halloween Treats!

Short of banning trick or treating all together – here are some tips and tricks to help manage all the treats and bring some balance back to Halloween:

  • Make sure kids eat a good healthy meal before going out to trick or treat – they will eat less candy along the way.
  • Set up rules ahead of time – how many pieces of candy can they have while trick or treating, and how many pieces per day they can have after Halloween?
  • When it comes to the trick or treat bag or bucket – size does matter – two pillowcases full of candy is more candy than 5 kids should eat all year. Send them out with a smaller bag/bucket to limit the haul.
  • Walking is great exercise – but Halloween night is not the time to walk 4 miles – the fewer houses you visit, the less candy will come home.  It is not the amount of candy, it is the experience of trick or treating with friends and family.
  • Keep the candy in a place besides their room – out of sight, out of mind.  They will be less tempted to “sneak” it all day long.
  • Think about offering alternatives at your own home – other parents will be grateful that you did not add to the candy haul.  And then you won’t have leftovers to add to the candy collection either (and you won’t be snacking on it leading up to Halloween.
  • If you are going to offer candy – why not choose candy that is a little better?  Visit Natural Candy Store and you will find organic lollipops with vitamin C and all natural colors, fair trade dark chocolate, and lots of allergy-friendly and naturally colored candies and treats.
  • After Halloween, encourage kids to bring some or all of their candy to a Candy Buy Back program! Many dentist’s offices participate – and they pay per pound of candy.  They then send the candy to the troops overseas.
  • Schedule a visit from the Switch Witch!!  The Switch Witch takes the candy and trades it for a toy (the kids can even choose a few pieces to keep if they like first).  Read The Switch Witch eBook to your kids after Halloween night, and they might just decide to trade their candy for a toy!!

Hosting or heading off to a Halloween party?  For some tips and ideas for a healthier Halloween party, including how to make a melon brain, and apple bites – read Healthy Halloween.

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