The Ultimate Healthy Holiday Gift Guide – 2012

November 30, 2012
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Looking for the perfect gift this holiday season?  What better way to show your appreciation and love for everyone on your list than by giving them a gift of health?  Read on for fifteen thoughtful and healthy holiday gift ideas for everyone on your list, with prices ranging from just a few dollars up to several hundred – and everything in between!

Under $10:

  • Create a beautiful jar filled with soup beans and a delicious soup recipe.  Top it with some holiday fabric and a beautiful ribbon.  The jar only costs a buck or two, and the beans are about $2.
  • An herb in a painted pot – this is a great gift for the home chef, and a fun one for the kids to make.  Buy a clay pot for $2, paint it in beautiful colors, and then put in a rosemary plant – it looks like a little like a small Christmas tree, so it is festive and smells lovely.  Adding herbs like rosemary to food boosts the nutrition, and helps to reduce free radical damage from grilling too.
  • Holiday teas from Celestial Seasonings – offering delicious flavors like Gingerbread Spice, Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride, Nutcracker Sweet, and Candy Cane Lane  – contains 20 tea bags, just $2.99 each.

$10 – $25:

  • The Flavor Zing box from local company Baker & Olive.  Beautifully packaged high quality infused olive oils, aged balsamic vinegars, the Flavor Zing contains 4 bottles – just $24.99! Offering gourmet olive oils, vinegars, homemade breads and other gourmet food items – Baker & Olive has the perfect hostess gift, or gift for the home chef in your life.  They have only the highest quality and freshest oils, and their oils can withstand a higher heat than other olive oils. They have lots of great gift ideas besides the Flavor Zing box – a bottle of aged balsamic vinegar is a great hostess gift, and the butter flavored olive oil is a must for drizzling on popcorn!  Located in Encinitas and Carmel Valley, CA, and also available online.
  • Lifefactory – BPA free glass water bottles with silicone sleeves. Glass bottles are better for our health, and these ones from Lifefactory are beautifully designed too.  They make baby bottles, sippy cups and two sizes of water bottles.  Prices start at $14.99. Everyone can use a Lifefactory water bottle!  For the new mommy or mom to be – they also have baby bottle gift sets that comes with 2 bottles ($37.50-$49.00).
  • Need the perfect hostess gift?  Bring a bottle of organic wine – presented with a beautiful ribbon or in a velvet wine bag.  Organic wines can be found at most health food stores like Whole Foods Market, or you can order them from the Organic Wine Company – based in San Francisco and in business for over 30 years!
  • Herbal Animal Eye Pillows for your little yogi!  These little doggie-shaped animal eye pillows are a fun and soft relaxation tool for shivasana in yoga.  But they are portable and can be used any time to help your little one to relax and de-stress – great to take on trips.  Just $18.95/each + shipping.  Optional – order a “nightie” for your eye pillow, helps to keep it clean ($4.50).  Add a downward doggies t-shirt for just $17/each – limited sizes and colors – while supplies last!  Contact to order.  For Kids Yoga videos and instant access to hundreds of other yoga and fitness videos – join Gaiam TV.

$20 – $50:

  • The Zoku popsicle maker.  Prices range from $24.95 – $49.95, depending on how many popsicles it can make (1-3).  The patented Zoku Quick Pop Maker freezes ice pops in as little as seven minutes right on your countertop without electricity. Quickly make striped pops, yogurt pops or flavored core pops.   We like to add in some superfoods – like Barleans greens!   This is a really fun one for the kids – they can make their own creations!
  • The Healthy Popcorn gift set – For the family that loves to watch movies and have popcorn – first, they will need the Whirly Pop – just $19.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond.  Then you will want to find organic popcorn (because otherwise, it is probably GMO), which you can find in the bulk section of Whole Food market.  We always like to pop our popcorn in Barleans coconut oil, top it with a little Pink Himalayan salt (which contains over 70 trace minerals), and drizzle on the butter flavored olive oil from Baker & Olive, a healthy fat with oleic acid and polyphenols.  Popcorn done on the stovetop is a much healthier kind of popcorn than microwaved bags – those contain PFOA, which is a carcinogenic compound, read more in the La Times.
  • Gluten free gift basket – put together a gift basket for the newly Gluten-free person/family in your life.  Include a cookbook like Fresh from Elizabeth’s Kitchen ($28), some gluten free products such as The Pure Pantry baking mixes ($6.79) – they will appreciate all the new inspiration and tools.

$50 – $100:

  • A Tea gift set from Teavana.  Loose leaf tea is a hot new trend, everyone is getting into drinking tea, and Teavana has the ultimate tea gift sets.  The Sweet Decadence gift set contains two 8oz (235mL) infuser mugs so you can brew looseleaf tea, and also has: four beautiful tea tins and 2oz of the following Teavana teas: Toasted Nut Brulee Oolong, CocoCaramel Sea Salt Herbal Tea, WonderBerry Chocolate Truffle Oolong, and Slimful  Chocolate Decadence Oolong. $79.99.
  • The Waring Pro Stainless Steel toaster oven is a great gift for the person that wants to use their microwave less, save energy, and is especially good for the empty nesters in your life who just don’t need to cook big meals anymore. More and more people are wanting to avoid using the microwave because it zaps some of the nutrients from food.  But heating up the oven takes a long time, so a toaster oven like the Waring Pro Stainless steel one is the perfect solution. Regularly $69.99, it is on sale now at Macys for $49.99.  This is on my Christmas list this year!
  • The Scanpan-Pro nonstick skillet – Unlike most nonstick cookware, which relies on a coating, Green Tek™ nonstick cooking surface is created by firing a ceramic-titanium compound into the pan at 36,000°F. Scanpan is the first producer of nonstick cookware certified to be PFOA free, so it’s safe for your family and the environment.  It has the best non-stick surface, that lasts and lasts.  Once you have a Scanpan, you will want to switch out all your pans!  On sale now at Sur la Table for $79.99 (usually $99.96, value $165.00).

The “Ultimate” Healthy Gifts!  $100 +:

  • Vitamix – Great for the smoothie lover, athlete, mom of picky eaters, and everyone in between – The Vitamix is the ultimate tool to help you prepare healthy meals for your family, gourmet soups, or smoothies for a quick and healthy meal on the go.  The very powerful motor helps to blend most of the “texture” – making it the perfect tool for the family with picky eaters.  It also can grind nuts and grains, and so much more.  Find a roadshow near you, or use this code <06-006248> to get free shipping online.  Starting at $449.00
  • Freshology Meal Delivery plans – great for the busy person that is wanting to make healthy changes in their life.  Their “FreshMommy” Program is the perfect gift for the new mom, or mom to be – healthy meals for the new mom so she can focus on the new baby!  FreshMommy is a calorie controlled fresh delivery meal program which caters to the needs of late stage pregnancy and postnatal women seeking nutritionally balanced and healthy meals to help maintain good health and nutrition for mom and your baby. Delivered by Fed Ex twice a week: $49.95/day (minimum of 14 days).

Gift Cards – another great idea is to get someone a gift card for an acupuncture session, a massage, or a membership to a yoga studio – to help them de-stress after the holiday hustle and bustle!

Sara Vance Article written by Nutritionist Sara Vance, author of the book
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