Is Ignorance Bliss? Three Keys to Change

January 8, 2013
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It can happen over the holidays – between travel, Christmas cookies, heavy meals and sweets and treats – my family veered a little off the healthy road over the past few weeks.  I was so happy to get back on track, into the regular routine, and eating healthier and back into the gym again. And I can not wait to start my next Perfect Metabolism cleanse this Friday to really reset and renew.

Many of us set New Years Resolutions because we are just ready to put down the cookies and cocktails and make positive healthy changes, and get back on track.  But New Years Resolutions can also make us uncomfortable, because let’s face it, change makes us uncomfortable.  Humans are creatures of habit.  We like our routines, we do things the same way, eat at the same restaurants, and order the same things.  We drive the same routes, park in the same spot, stand in the same place in our exercise classes, walk the same paths, and buy the same things at the grocery store.  Familiarity makes us feel comfortable and safe.  Change is uncomfortable.

Is Ignorance Bliss?
I remember a few years ago when I saw the documentary Food, Inc.  It had a profound impact on me, I excitedly asked friends and family if they had seen it. Some had seen it.  But many people responded, “I don’t want to know.”  I thought to myself, how could you not want to know?  But after I thought about it for some time, I realized the reason why people didn’t want to know.  It is the guilt.  A film like Food Inc. educates us, it provides the awareness, but it does not necessarily provide us with the tools to actually make the necessary changes in our lives – to put it into ACTION.  When we have knowledge without the tools to put it into action, or powerful motivation to stick to the changes, then we are left with a serious case of guilt.  No one wants to feel guilty…

But is ignorance really bliss?  In some ways, yes.  Because once we know….we feel compelled to do something about it, and as we know, change is not comfortable.  And if we haven’t figured out and connected to our motivation for changing, we might give up when the going gets tough, and then we might feel very guilty for failing.  If we have the knowledge but don’t have the tools to put it into action, we will just be left with feelings of guilt and inadequacy – because we “know better,” but aren’t doing it.

But what we don’t know can hurt us.  If ignorance ends up costing us our health, or our families’, then it really is not bliss.  Sometimes it takes a wake up call to spur us into action – heart disease, cancer, diabetes, or another disease.  Other times it could be something as simple as, ‘I am tired.‘  Tired of not being able to fit into my clothes, tired of not liking what I see when I look in the mirror, tired of not having the energy I need to get through my day, tired of having sluggish digestion, tired of not sleeping through the night, and just plain…tired.

I believe there are 3 keys to health/change:

  1. Awareness – “What.”  First and foremost, we need to be educated about what it is that we need to change. And it needs to be good information.
  2. Motivation – “Why.” We need to connect to our reasons for wanting to change, and they should be powerful reasons.
  3. Tools – “How.” We need the tools to be able to put these changes into practice in our lives – to be able to take action.

Without all 3 keys, it is difficult, maybe impossible to change.

We Need the Right Information

Another issue that can get in the way of our New Years Resolutions is the wrong information!  There is a lot of bad information and products out there unfortunately that can actually cause us to gain weight and harm our metabolism – from “low fat” foods to “diet drinks” – these can actually set you up to fail!  Read Three Common Weight Loss Mistakes to learn more, I have fallen prey to all three of these things myself.

That is why I designed Perfect Metabolism – it provides the three keys you need to change your life and your health. It educates and provides the awareness you need to make good decisions about your health, it helps you identify your motivation to keep you focused on your goals, and it provides the tools (recipes) to help you put it all into action.  Perfect Metabolism is designed to help you get the perfect metabolism your body craves, and potentially avoid (or recover from and prevent another) health wake-up call.


Change is not easy, so having support to make it happen is important.  Perfect Metabolism provides support.  I am there providing information and tools to support everyone that participate. But just being a part of a group is a huge support – you know you are not in this alone.  I think that is why so many people who have participated in past cleanses, join up again and again.  They have the information and the tools to do it on their own, but being part of a group, and receiving support takes it to a whole other level. Whether you decide to change on your own, or join a group like this – seek out people around you that you know will support you.  Grab a friend to do this with you.  One thing we talk about on the program is there will be people who do not want you to change.  They might offer you cookies, cakes and wine. They might not want to lose their wine buddy for a couple of weeks, or the mere fact that someone close to them wants to change, makes them uncomfortable.  I always tell my clients that this sentence works wonders: “no thanks, I am on a cleanse.”  You might need to even say it more than once! :-)

Convenience Foods are really not convenient.
One of the biggest obstacles to change is how busy and over scheduled we all are.  That is why so many of us rely on packaged and processed foods – they are quick and easy, and convenient, right? The pre-marinated meats, the muffins, snack bars, frozen meals, bottled beverages, drive thrus, and the like. But if our diets are filled with processed convenience foods, it can have devastating effects on our health and waistlines overtime.  I firmly believe that one of the critical paths to health is found right in our kitchens.  So many of us think we do not have the time to cook, but it is just that we are not making the time to cook.  I fall into the trap myself, I  know it is not easy, and we are all busy.  That is why Perfect Metabolism offers healthy easy recipes, tips for planning and preparing ahead, for re-purposing leftovers, and the like.  We give you the tools you need to take charge of your own health. But I also encourage people on this cleanse to clear their calendars a little bit.  Say no a little bit more.  Put yourself at the top of your priority list for a couple of weeks.  Because putting everyone else ahead of ourselves can only backfire in the long run, and lead to health and weight issues.

Me, approx. age 28

Me, approx. age 11

My Health Transformation
One of the reasons I am so passionate about what I do, is because I have been on the other side.  As a child, I was a very picky eater, I had terrible digestion, terrible “seasonal” allergies, and was overweight (I weighed more in 6th grade than I do now). I was picked on for my weight every day at school.  But it wasn’t until I found my motivation in Junior High that I was able to lose the weight. Even though I lost the excess weight in Junior High, and stayed pretty close to a healthy weight since, I have made all kinds of mistakes along the way – drinking lots of diet sodas, falling into the Low Fat and calorie-counting trap, and living with undiagnosed food sensitivities that gave me foggy thinking, unexplained aches and pains, thyroid issues, adrenal fatigue, “seasonal” allergies, and more.  I recently found a photo of myself from 15 years ago, and I could not believe it was me!  I just looked ‘puffy!’  I was not a lot heavier than I am today, but I simply did not look very “healthy.”  Through nutritional changes I no longer have “seasonal” allergies, I am off my thyroid meds, my adrenals are healing, I got rid of my foggy brain and my chronic aches and pains, ditched the sugar habit, and I have experienced other profound health transformations – including getting rid of the “puffiness.” That is why I am so passionate about sharing what I have learned – I have been on the other side of health, and I want to share what I know so everyone can experience their best health!

Me, today. Age 40 something.

So many people think that our metabolism has to slow down as we age, but as you can see from my photos, mine is humming along better than it did when I was 11, and 28.  Our metabolism and our weight is in our control – if we know how to manage it.

Perfect Metabolism CleanseIt is not too late to sign up, we start on Jan 11th – sign up today!  Read some of the testimonials from past cleansers (many of whom have joined me already for 1 or 2 of my cleanses). This is the last cleanse I will be offering until late April, so if you are considering joining us, now is the time!

NOTE: This program is available Nationally – you do not need to live in the Encinitas area to participate – all meetings are held via the Internet.

Sara Vance Article written by Nutritionist Sara Vance, author of the book
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