Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas – 2013

December 11, 2013
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Still looking for that perfect gift for someone special?  Why not give them the gift of health this year – it is priceless!  Here is a short round up of some healthy gifts for 2013!

1. The Tea Lover:

Know someone that just loves a good cup of tea?  Or perhaps someone that is wanting to cut back on coffee and try tea instead?  Then these are the perfect gift ideas in a wide range of prices!
First of all, if they are still using those tea bags – it is time to introduce them to loose leaf tea.  A wise man in China town once told me that drinking tea made from tea bags is like ordering a hot dog at a steakhouse.”  The whole tea leaf is the way to go, and contains more nutrients. I also prefer to use organic tea, because as the Food Babe recently revealed, non-organic tea can end up creating a cup of pesticides!

Here are some perfect gift ideas for your tea connoisseur:

  • Cuisinart programmable tea kettle: green tea, white tea, and black tea all require different temperatures, this teakettle has 8 different temperature settings to make the perfect cup of tea. Brewing at the right temp is key to making good tea!  I got this for my hubby who is a tea connoisseur last year – and he uses it almost every day!
  • Assortment of organic teas from Tea Gallerie – green tea is always a good one – but why not go for some more exotic choices for the holidays? Like white coconut creme, lavender chamomile for relaxation or sleep, and Scottish caramel Pu-erh for the person wanting to change from coffee to tea – it is dark like coffee but very smooth and it also has metabolism boosting properties!
  • A tea cup with the stainless steel tea strainer – that is designed for brewing loose leaf teas.

2. The World Traveler:

Does someone on your list travel a lot?  Traveling can be really hard on our health – because it can mean poor sleep, unhealthy meals, and digestion troubles. Putting together a nice little collection of single serve sized healthy products can help your weary traveler be healthier on the road.

Sleep is very important for overall health, just 1 night of poor sleep can negatively impact our metabolism and increase our hunger the next day.  But traveling from coast to coast can put a wrinkle in the best laid plans for a good night of shut-eye.  Support their sleep with:

  • Melatonin – another good one for the traveler – it is a natural hormone that helps people fall asleep, great for the international or cross country traveler or person that works the night shift. It is non-habit forming, and can even offer other health benefits.  Read more benefits of melatonin.  Look for melatonin at your natural grocer or ask your practitioner.
  • Natural Calm single serve packs – these little packets contain magnesium, which is called the calming mineral.  Not only can it help support sleep and relaxation, but it can reduce our risk of heart attack, and improve absorption of Vitamin D, and much more.
Entertaining and taking customers out on the road typically means bigger meals, and indigestion and discomfort.  These two products can help improve digestion and even immunity!
  • Digestive enzymes – these ones from Rainbow Light contain pre and probiotics and a full spectrum of enzymes to support better digestion.
  • Probiotics – many probiotics should be refrigerated to maintain full potency, so it is harder to take them on the road.  These probiotics are shelf-stable, contain both pre and probiotics to support gut health, and also 1 dose lasts up to 3 days!

Or maybe they work so much and have to run from cab to train to airplane – with no time for a meal?  Send a few things that they can pop into a water bottle for a quick and healthy snack or a meal replacement:

  • Protein powder packs – Vega makes single serve plant based protein powders that are great for on the go!
  • Chia seed packs like these single serve chia packs from The Chia Co.
  • Greens powder – I like Green Vibrance single serve packets for when I travel.

3. For the Home Chef that has everything or newly gluten or grain free:

Is there someone in your life that just went gluten or grain free?  Or maybe they are a serious home chef that has everything?  Then they might like a snazzy new kitchen tool, or some high quality infused oils, aged vinegars and exotic spices?

  • Spiral slicer – this is the kitchen tool that you can almost guarantee that they don’t have.  And once they have it, they won’t know what they did without it! It makes noodles out of zucchini, and fancy shaped veggies, and even peels and slices apple chips making fancy shapes. I LOVE my spiral slicer and make zucchini noodles all the time.
  • Gourmet oils and vinegars from Baker & Olive – every home chef knows that quality is everything when it comes to oils and vinegars.  They make aged vinegars and infused oils and adds zing to everything you make. They have already put together these wonderful flavor zing boxes with 4 bottles of oil and vinegars – for less than $25!
  • A new cookbook – I love this new grain free cookbook called Against All Grain, which contains delicious grain free recipes that are beautifully photographed too!

4. The Smoothie Lover or Picky Eater:

Great for families with picky eaters, or people just trying to get healthier!  I love smoothies and have them most mornings.  But if you want to make the best Superfood smoothies, you have to have the right tools:

  • Vitamix – the ultimate tool for the whole family.  Makes the smoothest smoothies ever – important for your texture-phobe!  If you have been holding out for the perfect blender – this it is.  I recommend that people find a road show near them – they can see it in action and get the best possible price!
  • Warrior Blend protein powder – my favorite plant-based protein powder, great tasting & easy on the digestion.  No grains at all – just pea, cranberry and hemp proteins.
  • Greens powders – Such as Barleans Organic Greens or their yummy Chocolate Silk greens, which has the antioxidant capacity of 5 servings of fruits & veggies in it (but all you can taste and see is the yummy chocolate)!  They also have a Superfruit Greens flavor, which has the equivalent of 8 servings of fruit & veggies!
  • Chia seeds – I always add chia seeds to my smoothies – boosts the omega 3s, fiber, protein, calcium, minerals, and keeps you fuller and more hydrated for hours!

5. The Microwave-Avoider.

Okay, I know this is not the most glamorous gift – and in days past, I might be disappointed to open up a toaster oven…but have you seen them lately?  They are cool, and this one from Waring even comes with the slots for toast on the side in case you might miss that!  It is on my list this year – because I don’t like to heat things in the microwave, and a toaster oven is a great way to reheat something. It also is a nice way to cook something in the Summer months when you don’t want to heat up the oven.

Sara Vance Article written by Nutritionist Sara Vance, author of the book
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