Sara Vance

I’m sara vance
nutritionist, author & mother of 2

I am such a passionate advocate for nutritional
approaches to health because I have been on the other side.

A picky eater as a child, I suffered with digestion problems, allergies, and was overweight (I weighed more in 6th grade than I do today). Living with undiagnosed food intolerances for almost 40 years of my life, I dealt with chronic aches and pains, foggy brain, as well as adrenal and thyroid issues. I was also skirting on the edge of autoimmune disease – in my 20s, I discovered that I had Raynauds’ disease and a positive ANA (a marker for autoimmune disease). My doctor told me that stress can be the thing that can “turn on” disease, so it was important for me to keep my stress levels down. I had no idea that I was even under stress – heck, I was only 20 years old!! What kind of stress does a 20 year old have I thought to myself?

At the time I thought I was being healthy, but looking back I know that my “healthy whole grain and low fat” diet and all my cardio workouts and diet sodas were stressing me – from the inside out!

“I used to just pop Advil for my aches
and pains and headaches all the time”

I thought that was just “normal” to buy it in bulk! But little did I know, it wasn’t normal, and I didn’t have to live that way, and my life was about to change for the better.

Being introduced to chia seeds was the start of my health transformation! I could not believe that this tiny little seed could impact my health in so many positive ways!! My inflammation was getting better, my foggy brain, energy & moods were improving. I decided that if one food could do so much for my health, that I had to learn more about the impact that other foods could have. I went to school to get my Nutrition certification – and I was hooked!! I knew that I had found my calling. Giving up gluten was next, and it was a biggie for me – my mood swings and foggy brain were gone – I literally got my brain back!! I started to make more changes, and I didn’t need the Advil anymore, I could not believe that my chronic aches and pains that I thought I had to live with were going away. And step by step, I was amazed by the changes in my health. I no longer suffered from seasonal allergies either!

I teach both kids and adults to learn to listen to our bodies and be intuitive eaters – to discover the foods that make us feel and function at our best. The cool thing about taking a foods-based approach to health is that unlike medications that can come with negative side effects, foods have positive side benefits. Foods that are good for our brain, are generally good for our eyes, heart and our mood too! Changing what we eat can help us to improve our energy, digestion, mood, brain function, our weight and disease risk.

“Our symptoms are clues
to what is happening deeper”

So instead of quieting our symptoms (like I did with all that Advil), we can use them as clues to identify and heal what is causing them.

My first book - The Perfect Metabolism Plan - provides the 10 key pieces of information needed to reset the metabolism. Because weight is just one symptom of an imbalanced metabolism, many people can experience other profound transformations using the Perfect Metabolism 10 key formula – from improved sleep, energy, to less inflammation and more.

I am fortunate to be a regular guest on the popular Fox 5 morning show in San Diego, a Gaiam TV Kids Yoga teacher, and I have made several appearances on eHow. I love to work with kids, and offer Food is Your Fuel School Assemblies to elementary schools. I also works with sports teams, Girl Scouts, and teach cooking classes.

I love to speak in front of a live audience, and offer corporate nutrition programs and can speak at live events.

If you’re interested in taking a step in the right direction,

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Sara Vance

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