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"Skinny" Summer Cocktails
Skinny Summer Cocktails
June 27, 2017

Note: these recipes contain alcohol and are for ages 21 and up.  You can also make these “virgin” cocktails by omitting the…

Natural Allergy Solutions
Natural Allergy Solutions

April 19, 2017

by Sara Vance, Nutritionist & Author of The Perfect Metabolism Plan Are you gearing up for allergy season? Just as…

coconut oil chocolates
Coconut Oil Chocolates (Sugar Free!)

April 7, 2017

If you know me – you know I am a fan of dark chocolate.   I am kind of a…

15 Tips for Fixing Constipation
15 Tips for Fixing Constipation (Without Miralax!)

March 29, 2017

Occasional mild constipation can happen to anyone – often it is due to a stressful event, interruptions to your routine, or…

Sara Vance
Sara Vance

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