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Resistant Starch is a starch that “resists” digestion, meaning it passes through the stomach and the small intestine relatively unchanged.

When it reaches the colon, it serves as a prebiotic fiber – meaning it is food for the good bacteria. It changes the pH of the colon – making it less hospitable for bad bacteria and even for colon cancers to develop. So regularly consuming resistant starch could potentially reduce our risk for colon cancer – the 4th most common type of cancer.

Resistant starch benefits include:

  • Improved insulin sensitivity
  • Longer lasting energy and satiety
  • Improved pH of the colon
  • Food for the good bacteria to grow in the gut
  • Potentially can help improve sleep – when taken in the evening
  • Potentially lowering the risk for colon cancer

Learn more in this mini eCourse & get some recipes to incorporate resistant starch in your daily diet!

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