School Assemblies

Food is Your Fuel(tm) is a fun & inspiring School Assembly about Nutrition and Health. Sara has a simple, unique and memorable way of talking to kids about nutrition. She also brings in her kids yoga training to give kids tools for dealing with stress. Sara shares her personal childhood experiences as a picky eater to help encourage kids to try new foods, eat healthy and be the best they can be!

Lessons include:

Improved nutrition and stress management can boost:

Sara also offers other school nutrition classes and programs, including:

Thank you to these schools that have hosted Sara:

Contact Sara if you would like the Food is Your Fuel assembly to come to your school.

Add the 5 a Day Bandz!

5 a Day Bandz are the fun way to track fruits & veggies & a healthy way to raise money! Each bracelet is shaped like a fruit or a vegetable to remind students to eat their fruits and veggies. Having a physical and visual reminder & motivator helps kids to focus on eating more plant-based foods.

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